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Below is some of the published work I've done for newspapers, both as a staff writer and freelance:

Niagara Gazette / Greater Niagara Newspapers

Niagara-Wheatfield and business reporter / Features writer

Ready to Roll

I spent a night at practice with the Queen City Roller Girls and lived to tell the tale. With video (that's occasionally hard to hear, but think of it as a testament to the volume of energy the Queen City girls are putting out).

Everything must go — for good

Jimmy Cancemi started a furniture store in the trunk of a compact Dodge in 1971. After more than 35 years, he was the only independent furniture store in Niagara Falls, but he eventually decided to close. The store has a rich history, and this is a humble attempt to sum it up.

Sandusky Register

Police & Courts reporter

Old case files

The headline doesn't convey the amount of storytelling I was able to find in some of the things left collecting dust around a county courtroom.

In the nick of time

A moment-by-moment retelling of a house fire that nearly took the lives of three children -- during one of the worst snow storms the area had seen in years.

At last, an answer

People nowadays seem to harbor endless fascination into how forensic science can solve "cold cases," but sometimes having a face to put to a crime, having an "answer,"isn't enough.

Super wings for Super Bowl

When you go from Buffalo to Sandusky, it's only natural to be picked for a feature on the business of wings.

From the big guy to the small fry

A project undertaken by Brad Kane and myself to determine where the county's drug task force was addressing the kind of problems it was set up to do.

Man found dead on Third St.

A stabbing in one of the most desolate parts of town turns up a person that's been missing for weeks ... he's nearly frozen stiff.

Buffalo News

Business reporting & Niagara Falls bureau

The price of a dream

It had the name of famous modeling agency, and it was backed by the guy who launched Britney Spears and N'Sync. So why were the feds looking into Wilhelmina Scouting Agency, and why are girls who paid nearly $1,000 getting something less than prime time exposure?

Tough times for teens

My first A-1 story for the News, it looked at decline in the summer job market that had been occurring over the last three years (as of July 2003) and how that affected employees and employers in Buffalo, not exactly the country's strongest economy to begin with.(Available with photos/chart)

Bets on the Net

One man's somewhat naive quest to launch "his own online casino" in Niagara Falls, NY, where legalized gambling is on the tip of every would-be municipal savior's tongue.(Available with photos)

The tax man cometh

A Buffalo-area native has always wanted to run the country's largest tax services company, and has nearly made it twice before. Can he build his own self-created empire into the tax franchise of his dreams?

Take a gander

Pretty basic store-opening story, but I was fascinated with the wealth of hunting, fishing and sporting knowledge out there that many people -- alright, maybe just I am -- completely unexposed to.

North Tonawanda

"Stringer," covering small Niagara County city for Buffalo News

Beyond The Bars

My first article on North Tonawanda , the town I covered as a stringer for the News while attending the University at Buffalo. It holds a special place in my clip file, as it was my first "front pager" (for the Niagara section, anyways) and my first chance to go out and talk to residents in a community, scribble down notes, then meld it into something halfway decent.

Book Reviews

When the Market and Hopes Go Bust

David Denby's "American Sucker," a memoir of the New Yorker film critic's foray (and descent) into the financial frenzy of the dot-com boom.

Stiglitz Offers Little Lessons in History

Nobel Prize winner and former World Bank leader Joseph Stiglitz offers his second tome on what's gone wrong in the economy of late with "The Roaring Nineties." "Globalization and Its Discontents," it's not.

A Landmark Epic Brought Vividly To Life

"Great Fortune: The Epic of Rockefeller Center," a remarkably readable "biography" of Rockefeller Center by former Time Editor and current New York Times Public Editor Daniel Okrent.

Shining Light on Electricity

Edison, Westinghouse, Tesla, the death penalty, and Niagara Falls are all detailed in "Empires of Light," Jill Jonnes' history of the "War of the Electric Currents."

Putting an Exclamation Point on the Dot-Com Age

An inside look by Gary Wolff at the tumultuous growth, rapid fall and eventual leveling of Wired, the magazine that personified the 1990's like few other publications